How Does Data Scraping Help Journalists to Improve Their Content?

From Journalism to Data Journalism

  • The availability of free resources to reduce the cost of computer-based data gathering and insight development.
  • Open availability of information and published material that aids in the removal of access restrictions.
  • Open data is a notion that makes data publicly available through channels such as the internet, government servers, and trade magazines.
  • Obtaining information using the internet.
  • Clean-up the data by running it through a series of logic and variables.
  • Visualize- After the data has been converted, it is shown in the form of static or animated visualizations, trends, patterns, and so on.
  • Publish- combine the graphics to create a seamless tale.
  • Distribute- distributing media from various social media sites, emails, and so on.
  • Measures how much information is consumed to see trends and the different sorts of people who use it.

How Will Web Scraping Benefit Journalism?



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