How Python and BeautifulSoup are Used to Scrape Hotel Listings from

Scraping hotel listings from numerous websites is one of the most common uses of Web Scraping. This might be done by keeping an eye on rates, creating an aggregator, or improving the user experience on existing hotel booking services.

This can be accomplished with the help of a simple script. We’ll utilize BeautifulSoup to assist us to extract data, and we’ll use to find hotel information.

To begin, we’ll need these lines of code to retrieve the search results page and set up BeautifulSoup to assist us query the page for meaningful data using CSS selectors.

To avoid being blacklisted, we also pass the user agent headers to simulate a browser call.

Now let’s look at the search engine results for a certain destination. This is how it appears to be.

When we examine the page, we notice that each item’s HTML is contained within a tag with the class sr_property_block.

We could simply use this to divide the Html page into these pieces, each of which has information about a single object, such as this:

When you execute it

The card will isolate the cards HTML

On closer inspection, you’ll notice that the hotel’s name is always preceded by the sr-hotel_name_class… While we’re at it, let’s obtain the number of reviews, pricing, and ratings.

We also attempted to obtain the hotel image and link, as well as other critical pieces of information.

This is how the entire code appears.

When you execute the code

This provides all the information we require.

Overcoming IP Blocks

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