How to Utilize Web Scraping API using Vert.x and Jsoup in Kotlin and Monetize it?

As is customary, we begin by creating our Gradle project. This time, we’ll include the Jsoup library as a dependency.

Jsoup is a Java library for working with real-world HTML, according to its website — It uses the finest of HTML5 DOM techniques and CSS selectors to create a highly easy API for requesting URLs, extracting, and modifying data.

Then there’s our finished product.

build.gradle will seems to be.

This is how our source files will be organized.

The main function that will operate the service is App.kt.

Our REST API code will be written in the class HttpServerVerticle.kt.

The primary Vert.x instance that will execute the HttpServerVerticle class is MainVerticle.kt.

In our HttpServerVerticle class, we’ll use Jsoup to construct the web scraper.

The web address is sent to the connect() function. The entire HTML DOM is then obtained using the get() function.

Then, on line 83, we’ll use css selector to build a query.

Selector in the JQuery library in Javascript is comparable to this.

The elements that match the selection will be found by the select () function. Yes, an array is returned. So, in the following line, we’ll iterate it.

The following code may be found on line 87.

Only one element that meets the selection is returned using the selectFirst() function. As a result, we must verify that the selector exists only within one of the articleElements.

The data that has been scraped is then stored in a JsonArray object on line 94.

These are the Vert.x standard classes and methods for deploying our service.

After you’ve finished scripting, build it, and execute the cleanAndJar Gradle process.

Simply run: if you already have your jar file.

It’s time to put our web scraper API to the test. Postman is what you use to test the outcome of what we’ve constructed.

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