Which are the Ideas to Start a Web Scraping Project?

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4 min readApr 25, 2022

Even after exploring web scraping, it sometimes becomes difficult to get your imagination going and come up with the concept of the initial project. This blog will brief a few ideas to help you initiate web scraping projects.

Defining Web Scraping

Web scraping is the process of extracting information from websites and converting it to a more useable format.

Web scraping is usually done with an automated software tool rather than by hand. Check out this blog about web scraping and what it’s used for if you want to learn more.

Ideas for Web Scraping in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of five distinct web scraping project ideas for you to consider:

  • Comparing Prices
  • App for simple investment
  • Find Popular Topics and Words by Scraping a Subreddit
  • Scrape a Leads Database (or sell it!) for someone else.
  • Take on a Serious Web Scraping Project

Some of these examples were created to help you understand the capabilities of web scraping through deeper examination.

Bringing Price Comparison to the Next Level

Scraping e-commerce product data and pricing comparison is a popular first assignment for many individuals. While this project is a great place to start, we recommend taking it a step further and analyzing the data from your scrape to identify the best buy in a specific category.

For example, you might scrape e-commerce data on all tablets available on Amazon and analyze the information to determine which tablet offers the most value for money when price and review score data are compared. You may refine your analysis by excluding goods with a small number of reviews.

Developing No-Code Investment Apps

Building a simple investing app is much easy than you would expect.

This app’s objective is to have your web scraper scrape very few selected stocks from Yahoo Finance once a day. This scraping will then be uploaded into a Google Spreadsheet, and a “purchase” message will be sent to your email if any stock falls below a certain price.

Scraping a Lead for Someone Unknown

Ask them about the details of their business and which leads they would find valuable. Once after gathering the requirement, you can set up the web scraper to extract online leads detail to develop your database.

Taking a Real Web Scraping Job

Every day, plenty of one-off web scraping projects appear on job sites. These are excellent places to start since they demonstrate how web scraping is utilized in the real world.

UpWork is a good place to start because you can look for “web scraping” jobs and apply for them or just do them for learning purposes.

What Kind of Web Scraper Do you Use?

However, you may still be unsure about which web scraper you should use for your project. The fact is that the ideal web scraper for your project will vary based on your project’s requirements.

However, iWeb scraping’s web crawler is a strong and free web scraper, that can be used to fulfill every single project on this list.

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