Why Web Scraping Services is a Better Option than Web Scraping Tools for Businesses?

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5 min readApr 1, 2022

The important characteristics that distinguish a data extraction service from its do-it-yourself counterpart

Data is undoubtedly the most valuable corporate product in the twenty-first century. To drive their growth, today’s most effective firms use big data to get smarter insights and make better decisions. Web data comes from several places, including e-commerce sites and social media, as well as commercial transactions and smart gadgets.

Web data is nearly often acquired using a method known as web scraping or web crawling, which takes specific data items from sites and stores them in structured, easy-to-handle forms. If your company relies on analytical insights gleaned from the most recent accessible online data, one of the most common questions you’ll hear at meetings is, “How are we going to get the data?”

Methods of Extraction

Currently, the most common techniques of extracting online data are DIY tools or software and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platforms.

Web Scraping Tools

A scraping tool that you make yourself is either a web browser extension, add-on, or plug-in, or software that you install on your computer. For ad-hoc projects with minor data requirements, the tool is best suited to non-technical users.

If you require information quickly from simple, well-structured websites, a scraping tool is a cost-effective solution. Several tools also offer free or trial programs with restricted monthly quantities, which are frequently sufficient for small-scale scraping operations. Even if you exceed its restrictions, a subscription plan is typically not prohibitively expensive.

Data Extraction Service

An online data collection service allows you to outsource and transfer your organization’s data needs to experts for a charge, allowing you to focus on more essential things. Today, there are a plethora of services dedicated to addressing the specific problem.

iWeb Scraping already has all of the infrastructure and resources in place to perform even the most difficult scraping projects. Once you’ve told them what you need, you can sit back and relax while they handle the rest.

Why is DaaS Better Than a Tool?

For enterprise-level projects in which a constructed DIY solution seems to fail, a skilled data extraction solution is a more practical and easy choice with several benefits.

One-Stop Solution for All the Requirements

Provide your project requirements using online forms, email, or a short phone call to get started with a data extraction service. The data engineers will then manage the rest of the process, from start to end (crawler setup to data delivery), ensuring the greatest level of quality.

As demonstrated above, our app platform has several tools that provide consumers with some control over their data. Customers may use our concierge service to take rapid action on the frequency, quality, and delivery of their datasets if they desire — all from a single platform.

Flexible Web Scraping Services

Unlike web scraping tools, which are created for certain websites and general layouts, DaaS platforms create custom crawlers for each customer. As a result, even after the first setup, they are easily configurable in terms of data sources, data fields, frequencies, delivery choices, and so on. This adaptability enables businesses to increase the scope of their data collecting operations while avoiding project complexity obstacles.

Accurate and Reliable Data

Each dataset you scrape with DIY tools will differ inaccuracy from the next. In the majority of cases, data quality is not guaranteed due to the design and architecture of web scraping software.

You may anticipate the most accurate data if you have specialized audit professionals ensuring the quality of the data. Crawlers are set up by DaaS professionals to exclusively extract specified data points at the request of their clients, with the greatest level of accuracy and dependability. As a consequence, the data is immediately actionable and can be readily exploited to power your company’s growth.

Web Scraping Tools Consume More Time and Resources

Learning how to utilize a tool or program to fetch the data in-house consumes a huge amount of time, human, and technical resources that businesses may not have.

Web scraping services already have the technological know-how and expertise to deal even with the most complicated websites. They spare you the discomfort of a learning curve-affected timetable by providing the needed facts in a much shorter period. As a result, collaborating with companies is perhaps the most cost-effective option for companies to obtain the high-quality data they want.

The Services Get Around the Limitations of The Website.

Many websites use a variety of difficulties and barriers to prevent crawlers from accessing their data. When DIY software hits a bottleneck with no simple repair, it will fail.

DaaS providers are seasoned professionals, who deal with such challenges on a daily basis. They are well-equipped, with all of the necessary measures in place to effectively manage and overcome any type of impediment, ensuring that the continuous flow of new, high-quality data into your systems is never endangered.

While DIY data extraction tools have their virtues, when it comes to enterprise-level data requirements, they cannot compete with the power of a specialized, professionally managed service. Trusting and partnering with a DaaS platform is the best way ahead if your organization’s success depends on analytical insights from the most recent data regularly.

iWeb Scraping gives you the best of both: our browser extension works on well-structured websites for simple requirements, while our premium service handles all of your bespoke, frequently complicated data needs from beginning to end.

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